Thank you for visiting cabinpainting.co.uk! We are a family business based on the south coast with a vast experience in Building, Spray Painting, Fireproofing and Removing log cabins and other wooden structures. We pride ourselves on a quick and thorough service, and with 20 years of experience in the building trade under our belts we are able to achieve great results time and time again. So don’t hesitate to contact us for a Free no obligation quote and let us do the job for you!

A Professional Painting JobRemmers penetrates wood

Painting log cabins by hand can be a long and arduous business, even for a small garden cabin. There are always hard to reach nooks and crannies, and paint runs can spoil the appearance. So why not get the job done professionally? Our team have all the specialist equipment needed to spray paint your cabin giving a smooth even finish in one tenth of the time compared to applying by brush. Due to our application method we can protect every nook and cranny far more effectively than conventional methods because we can reach where a brush sometimes cannot. So whether you are professional wanting to get onto your next job or a consumer wanting to get into your new cabin we can get you there quicker!

We supply Remmers  or Butinox quality wood stains in a wide choice of colours to give your wooden building lasting protection against the elements. Wood stains penetrate deep into the wood and protect it against damaging ultra violet and fungal attack. We can spray paint both new wood, and old wood to enhance the look and life of your building.


Interior Wood Treatment

The inside of your cabin can be treated inn a variety of ways. If left untreated the interior wood will darken over a period of years. We can treat the interior with 'Timberwhite' a specialist treatment from Norway by Norsk Trepleie which will restore the wood back to its 'as new' appearance.

Another treatment available is White Wood Soap from Norsk Trepleie

which contains lime which gives the wood an attractive white colouring in the grain.

Interior surfaces may also be treated with Norsk Trepleie wood oil, or with Danish Oil which gives the wood a nice silky feel.

For floors we can supply and apply Norsk Trepleie  Troll varnish in either matt or gloss. Troll varnish is specially formulated for wooden floors and is flexible and gives good Ultra Violet protection to avoid darkening.


Where a wooden building is used as a dwelling, building regulations require that interior wooden surfaces are treated with an accredited fire retardant. In some cases the building inspector may also require the exterior of wooden buildings to be treated with a fire retardant as well. If this is the case for you or  you would like that extra protection for your building then we are able to spray your building with HR Prof Fire retardant. HR Prof is colourless and odourless. It does not alter the appearance of the wood, and may be over painted with wood stains, varnishes, or paint.

Whether it is required to meet building regulations, or just for peace of mind let us spray your cabin with HR Prof.

Log Cabin Erection

As well as log cabin spraying we also offer a cabin erection service. We have experience in erecting log cabins for use as garden cabins, family homes and large commercial buildings. Please contact us for a quotation.

HR Prof 
Fire RetardantRemmers wood stains