Remmers HK Stains

When we first started spraying we tested a number of different products but found that Remmers worked best with this kind of application and subsequently recommend it to our customers. The reason for this is that Remmers is a penetrative stain and sinks about 2-3mm into the wood giving it extra protection againts blue stain, rot , insects , sun and water damage.  This stain has been awarded the quality mark "RAL Wood Preservative" after official evaluation of its effectivness against wood pests and official evaluation of its safeness for the health and the enviroment when used properly. There is a broad colour range available and it can be delivered directly to site within 24 hours.

Interior Oil Treatments

For interiors we would usually use Danish oil because it creates a wipe free surface without losing the natural texture of the wood. We usually apply two coats of this product to achieve the best results. For an alternative appearance we recommend Norsk Trepleie White wood soap which gives the wood a white lime colouring in the grain.

For older cabins where the wood has darkened due to ultra violet light, we can spray the interior with Timberwhite which will make the wood appear as it were new again.